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Tree Services in Birmingham, Alabama

The plant life in Alabama, especially Birmingham, is unique and special to the region, and taking care of the trees requires a professional and educated touch. At Alabama Tree Pros in Birmingham, AL, our tree service experts have the knowledge, skills, and experience to provide residents and businesses the tree care they need to keep their lawns and properties looking spectacular all year round.

From parks to museums, dining experiences and brewhouses, and everything else that Birmingham, AL, has to offer, there are plenty of activities and locales for residents and visitors to partake in when they are in the city. One thing they will notice whenever they travel to one of these locations is the plethora of plant life, especially trees throughout each place.


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Invest in Expert Tree Services in Birmingham, AL

Some DIY-ers may think that they can perform the types of tree services offered by professionals such as ours at Alabama Tree Pros, but they do not realize just how much effort goes into each tree service process. From tree trimming to tree removal, stump grinding to emergency hauling services, and everything in between, high-quality landscaping and tree services should be performed by experts in the industry with the necessary training and equipment.

At Alabama Tree Pros in Birmingham, AL, our precision tree service team is highly qualified, insured, licensed, and bonded. We have an in-depth knowledge of the native trees in Birmingham, AL, and are able to use that understanding to care for and maintain your trees.

Tree trimming and tree pruning may seem like a simple job that can be done by homeowners with a sharp pair of shears, but the primary problem is the time of year appropriate for trimming or pruning each tree. If you have a variety of trees on your property, they may each have different trimming schedules for optimum growth. Trimming or pruning outside of that period may result in harm to the tree or a stunting of its growth. Our tree service professionals will identify your tree types and create a maintenance schedule based on those classifications.

Other services such as tree removal or stump removal most certainly require the equipment and skills of a professional. Cutting down and hauling away a full-size tree is no easy feat! We have cranes to be used as well as the industry’s top quality machinery to cut each branch. The stump can either be pulled out by the roots (not recommended for those who like their landscaping) or ground down below the soil. Each of those services requires specialized equipment and the knowledge to use it effectively. No matter what tree services in Birmingham, AL, you need, contact the professionals at Alabama Tree Pros for customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Exceptional Birmingham, Alabama, Tree Services

At Alabama Tree Pros in Birmingham, AL, we are proud to offer the following types of precision tree service to residents and businesses:

Tree Removal

One common question we are often asked is to provide for homeowners and businesses alike is tree removal. There may come a time when one or more trees on your property need to be removed for one reason or another. You may need to eliminate a tree from your property due to the tree becoming ill and dying. A tree that is too large or overwhelming in a yard may prevent grass from growing since no sunlight can reach the young grass seeds. Or you may have a construction project underway, and the tree’s root system is interfering with the laying of foundation or another aspect of the construction project. Whatever the reason, trees sometimes need to be cut down and removed from the property.

In addition to the tree removal itself, we will also clean up your property to ensure that no branches or other debris is left for you to deal with. Our Birmingham tree service specialists are the best in the industry, and our number one priority is customer satisfaction. We make sure that your yard or commercial property is as pristine upon our departure as it was when our Birmingham tree service team arrived.

Tree Stump Grinding and Tree Stump Removal

When a tree has been removed from a property, the stump is often left behind. That is because it requires one of two other tree services to be completed in order to eliminate it from the property. Most homeowners and businesses choose tree stump grinding because it does not disrupt the rest of the landscaping. With our industrial grinder, we get the stump ground to 7-11 inches below the soil surface so that new plant life and grass can grow on top of the stump.

The other tree care option is stump removal. When the tree stump is removed, it is uprooted from the ground and generally creates quite a mess for the rest of the property. Our Birmingham tree service experts generally only recommend this option for commercial construction projects that do not already have a foundation of plant life. It tends to be more expensive than stump grinding.

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

In order to keep your trees healthy, looking their best, and encourage growth, tree pruning and tree trimming need to be done during certain times of the year and under the proper circumstances. Tree trimming and tree pruning are two essential activities for proper tree care, but they should only be handled by professionals who understand the needs of the trees native to the Birmingham, AL, area.

Birmingham, Alabama, Emergency Response Services

When a disaster hits your property or yard and causes serious damage that involves trees, you need the 24/7 emergency response team available at Alabama Tree Pros in Birmingham, AL. Our tree service team knows that you will have plenty of issues to worry about during this time, and our goal is to help you overcome these challenges with expert tree services to help you eliminate the fallen trees at your home.

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