Tree Removal in Birmingham, Alabama

On a hot summer day in Birmingham, Alabama, there is nothing quite like sitting under a beautiful tree with plenty of branches with leaves to provide shade from the blazing sun. Having trees on your property or in your yard can be a true blessing. Children may be able to enjoy a tree swing, your yard will have plenty of shade, you can hang a hammock if there are a few trees in the area, and birds and other wildlife can make a home in the tree. Trees are practical and beautiful for the majority of the time.

However, there may come a time when one or more trees on your property need to be removed for one reason or another. You may need to eliminate a tree from your property due to the tree becoming ill and dying. A tree that is too large or overwhelming in a yard may prevent grass from growing since no sunlight can reach the young grass seeds. 

Or you may have a construction project underway, and the tree’s root system is interfering with the laying of foundation or another aspect of the construction project. Whatever the reason, trees sometimes need to be cut down and removed from the property.

Removing a tree from your property can be a very complicated task, and it does take the professional skills and specialized equipment of a tree service company to complete the job efficiently and safely. The process is not a matter of simply chopping it at the base and yelling “Timber!”. The tree service job takes time and practice to complete the right way. For this reason, it is important to hire a local Birmingham, AL, tree service team from an experienced tree service company such as ours at Alabama Tree Pros.

Tree Removal Services in Birmingham, AL

One of the most common tree service requests we get at Alabama Tree Pros is tree removal. Even if you have completed thorough tree care and maintenance on your property as a part of your regular tree service routine to ensure the health and safety of all of your plants and trees, there are many reasons that a tree may need to be removed. From sickness within the tree causing it to deteriorate to major thunderstorms affecting the tree and many other factors that may result in the need for tree removal, it is important that you hire a professional tree service company who understands how to remove the tree carefully and to ensure that no other area of your lawn, landscaping, or property is harmed in the process.

At Alabama Tree Pros in Birmingham, Alabama, our tree service team has the experience, skills, and specialized equipment to quickly and safely remove unwanted or dead trees from your property. We will certainly not just chop down the tree and leave the mess for you to clean up or deal with. Our tree service team will carefully trim the tree’s branches one-by-one starting at the top and working our way down. We then lower them to the ground where they will be cut into manageable pieces by another member of our team. Once all the branches have been removed, the tree service team can then start on the trunk of the tree.

Tree Services in Birmingham, AL

At Alabama Tree Pros in Birmingham, Alabama, our ace tree service experts know how important it is to have the trees on your property professionally maintained or removed as needed. We are proud to offer residents and business owners in greater Birmingham, AL, and the surrounding areas the following tree services:

Tree Removal

As a part of our Birmingham tree care, we offer expert tree removal service for residents and business owners in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. The removal of a tree requires care and expertise to ensure that none of the surrounding landscaping or structures are harmed. Our team takes great pride in providing each of our customers with the best possible service.

Tree Trimming/Tree Pruning

As an essential part of your Birmingham area home or business’ landscaping, tree trimming and tree pruning must be done regularly. If your trees are left unkempt, it can make your property appear to be messy or unprofessional. With our team’s expertise in tree trimming, we can ensure that your trees are trimmed and pruned to perfection. With us, a great job is guaranteed. Just check our reviews!

Tree Stump Grinding/Stump Removal

After a tree has been chopped down and the large trunk removed from the Birmingham, AL, property, the tree stump remains. Property owners can either opt for tree stump grinding or stump removal done by tree care specialists, depending on the circumstances. Most homeowners choose stump grinding because it will take the stumps down to 7-11 inches below the soil line so that new grass or plants can grow over them. Tree stump removal is far more invasive because it will tear up the ground around the stump so that the whole root system is eliminated.

Emergency Storm Response Services

If disaster strikes and a tree falls on your property or your lawn is torn up, our emergency response team in Birmingham, AL, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to professionally clean up the mess and get your property back to normal. Contact our Birmingham, AL, tree care experts for emergency storm response services.

Contact Our Birmingham, AL, Tree Service Experts

At Alabama Tree Pros in the greater Birmingham area we are dedicated to providing our residential and commercial customers the best possible tree service. We serve clients in  the greater Birmingham area with prompt and professional service. Our tree service team is local and well-versed in the native trees of the state.

For more information on our tree service options (tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, stump removal or grinding, or emergency response services), contact us. We are happy to give you details and provide you with free estimates on price for any residential or commercial tree service you need.