Tree Services in Birmingham, AL

In the Birmingham, AL, region, there are several native species of tree which have grown in the area and have been able to reach ages well over 100 years. These Birmingham tree types are descendants of a forest which made up the landscape thousands of years ago. It is important that these native tree types are cared for and maintained because they are as much a part of Birmingham, Alabama’s culture as the historic architecture you can see traveling around the city.

With the development of new housing projects, tornado damage, and other tree-destroying activities, it is critical that the trees which still persist are preserved. The expert services of a tree care business can help you ensure that your lawn project is well done and keeps the local tree population intact.

Birmingham, AL, is home to a variety of different tree species, including upland species such as scarlet oak, blackjack oak, and southern sugar maple as well as river species like green ash, American hornbeam, and tag alder. With so many native tree species and the importance they carry with them to the ecology of Birmingham, AL, it is critical that the landscape of your home or business is cared for and maintained by a professional service company such as ours at Alabama Tree Pros.

At Alabama Tree Pros in Birmingham, AL, our local tree service professionals are well-versed and knowledgeable about the native trees in the area and can provide customers with the best possible tree care for a reasonable price. This includes high-quality tree trimming and tree pruning for all size yard or landscape projects.

Expert Tree Services in Birmingham, AL

At Alabama Tree Pros in Birmingham, AL, our tree service team is comprised of Birmingham locals who have a thorough understanding of the native tree populations in the region. We are well-versed in the proper techniques for maintenance (tree trimming, tree pruning), tree removal, and stump grinding. Our tree service experts are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergency services if a major storm has felled a tree in your yard or caused some other type of catastrophe.

Tree Removal

There are various reasons that a tree may need to be removed. Sometimes the tree has become sick and is slowly dying on your land. Other times, the tree may be in the way of a new construction project or is causing major problems with homes or businesses around it. Whatever the reason, our tree service team has the knowledge, skills, and expert equipment to efficiently remove the dead tree and leave no mess behind. We will even haul away the debris so you never have to deal with any cleanup.

Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Proper maintenance and upkeep of the trees on your Birmingham, AL, property is essential to ensure that the landscaping remains in tip-top condition and presentable for neighbors or clients. The tree service experts at Alabama Tree Pros can provide you with exceptional residential or commercial tree trimming and tree pruning services, customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Tree Stump Grinding and Stump Removal

Another critical service that our Birmingham, AL, tree service company can provide for your home or business is stump grinding and stump removal. After a tree is removed, the stump remains and must be taken care of professionally. Most homeowners will opt for stump grinding since the process takes the stump down 7-11 inches below the soil surface so that grass and other plants can grow over it.

On the other hand, Birmingham, AL, construction projects will often require stump removal because it completely eliminates the tree and its root system. The issue with a stump removal job is that the process can destroy other plants near the location of the stump at the property and the area throughout it. These owners opt for removal since there is nothing around it to be harmed.

Emergency Response Tree Service in Birmingham, AL

In the event that some type of catastrophic event occurs such as a flood or major storm that affects the trees on your business property or home, our Birmingham, AL, tree service can handle the cleanup job and help you bring the location back to its original condition. Our crew is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to remove fallen trees or other issues on your Birmingham property.

Why Your Landscape Needs Professional Upkeep

As the owner of a house or business, it is important that the look of your landscape is maintained to ensure the value of the properties around yours and the aesthetic of your business impresses potential clients. While you may be able to handle some of the pruning or trimming on your own, keeping up the maintenance schedule can be demanding.

Likewise, if a tree dies on your lawn and you need the entirety of it removed and the remainder ground down, it requires the expertise and specialized equipment of an exceptional crew in Birmingham, AL. At Alabama Tree Pros, we help homes and businesses keep their properties looking exceptional now and in the future so that customers and neighbors are always in awe of your perfect landscape. Call us today to request a free price estimate for local, high-quality, and fully insured landscaping services!

Contact Our Birmingham, AL, Tree Service Specialists

If you are a homeowner or business owner in Birmingham, AL, and are in need of exceptional tree service for your lawn or property, contact Alabama Tree Pros. No matter what tree you are dealing with, our team can handle any size job. For prompt and professional service, Alabama Tree Pros is here to help you keep your trees looking pristine and healthy.

At Alabama Tree Pros, we are proud to serve  Birmingham  and the surrounding areas. Since we are locals to the region, we understand the flora of the area and can properly care for your trees the way they need to be trimmed, pruned, or removed. We offer paperless (and free) estimates and invoicing since we know how critical and valuable trees are to the earth.

With our lawn and tree care specialists, we work to save you time and money, and we are always on time. Customer satisfaction is our top priority! From tree inspection to tree removal, 360 Tree Care from Alabama Tree Pros in Birmingham, AL, is here to help. Call today to request a free price estimate on your lawn care project.