Tree Stump Grinding in Birmingham, Alabama

The landscaping of your Birmingham home, office, or multi-family complex is important and an essential part of the landscaping is the inclusion of trees. They provide shade, a home for animals, and plenty of oxygen. The natural beauty and practicality of having trees in the landscaping is common sense. However, it may happen that one or more of your trees may need to be cut down, leaving you with an ugly stump.

For a variety of reasons, a tree may need to be removed from your Birmingham, AL, yard or property. Whether the tree became ill and slowly died or a thunderstorm struck the tree or any other situation in which a tree on your property needs to be cut down, the removal process may also include the elimination of the tree’s stump either through grinding or exhumation of the root system, depending on the location of the stump on your property.

When a homeowner or business owner in Birmingham attempts to remove a tree stump or grind it down on his own, the results can be quite disastrous. It takes professional skills as well as specialized equipment including the stump grinder to properly eliminate the stump from your property. It is important for the beauty of your landscape as well as your own health that you hire professionals from tree service companies to handle this type of job for you.

At Alabama Tree Pros in Birmingham, AL, our team of highly skilled and well-trained tree removal professionals will work diligently to ensure that the health and safety of your landscaping and your property are always taken into account during the course of our services. We are also locals to the Birmingham area which means that we are knowledgeable about and understand the care of native Alabama trees and other plants.

Through our removal process, we ensure that only the tree stump which needs to be eliminated is dealt with and all other plants or flora in the vicinity are left unscathed. Your property is valuable, and our Birmingham team is dedicated to ensuring it remains beautiful.

Our Birmingham team knows how valuable trees are to the environment and your landscaping, so we make sure to provide you with the tree services you need. From tree inspection and maintenance to tree stump removal and stump grinding, we can handle any size job with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Birmingham, AL, Tree Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is, in general, the most common elimination method for our residential and commercial clients. The process is less expensive than tree stump removal, and it does not completely disrupt the root system of your entire landscape. When we come to your property for a stump grinding project, we will use a specialized stump grinder which will physically grind the stump well below the surface of the soil. This ensures that grass and other plants will be able to grow above the remainder of the stump with no issues. The stump grinder will usually take the stump down to 7-11 inches below the surface of the soil, so you will certainly not be able to see any remnant of the stump in your landscaping.

It is important that our Birmingham, AL, tree service team inspects the stump prior to the stump grinding so that we know exactly what type of tree we are dealing with. The age of the tree as well as variety and size of the stump will affect the stump grinding process.

Certain types of tree stumps such as those of a Walnut tree present difficulties for the stump grinding process whereas Spruce trees are much easier. Additionally, new or younger stumps are more difficult to grind since they present more resistance to the stump grinding than do older stumps. With all of these factors in mind, we will complete our stump grinding services for you quickly and effectively using our state-of-the-art equipment and expert knowledge of the Birmingham, AL, tree service industry.

Tree Stump Removal in Birmingham

In some cases, stump removal is the better option, especially for commercial projects where the stump actually hinders the construction process in some way. Removing a stump is more costly than stump grinding and tends to harm the surrounding landscape due to the need for the use of a medium-sized backhoe or excavator on your property to physically dig up the stump and its root system.

Our tree service team is happy to come to your property and assess the tree stump situation to ensure that our stump removal service is necessary. If foundational work needs to be done which necessitates the full removal of tree stumps and their root systems, our tree service team at Alabama Tree Pros can certainly provide you with a free estimate for the price of the project and complete the job quickly.

Contact Our Birmingham, AL, Tree Service Experts

If you are a homeowner or business owner in the Birmingham, AL, area and are looking for tree stump grinding or removal, call the professionals at Alabama Tree Pros. Our local team is happy to come to your property, assess the situation, and determine which of our tree services you would most benefit from in our professional opinion.

At Alabama Tree Pros we are proud to serve many more areas in addition to Birmingham itself. Our full-service tree company provides prompt and professional services for local residents and businesses in the area, and our goal is to save you money and time. We offer paperless estimates and invoicing, and we have 360 Tree Care that includes tree inspection and debris hauling all the way through tree removal.

When you need tree stump grinding or removal for your home or office, there is only one company you need to call to remove the stump and get your landscaping back to its natural beauty – Alabama Tree Pros. Contact us today to find out more about our services and pricing.